I believe that there is a common misconception between the words; Busy and Focused. With today’s modern ‘HUSTLE’ mindset, I think we all can get quickly attached to the concept of, doing more shit means we do better shit. The ‘HUSTLE’ mindset has adopted the personality that if we spend twenty hours working and four (maybe even less) hours sleeping, our work will instantly get better.

This is where I differ.

I totally appreciate the ‘HUSTLE’ mindset, constantly doing something and working, but I think there needs to be some distinction here.

Otherwise we’ll end up working ourselves to death, never seeing any reward come of it.

Being ‘BUSY’ has a certain ring to it that leads itself to the hectic nature of our modern lives. If you’re trying to build something, whether it’s a business, a project or even a start-up, being busy isn’t the ultimate answer.

When someone say’s “Sorry I’m busy” this ‘business’ can be anything, quite literally. Their thoughts are scattered, with no real sense of focus. Plus, if you keep saying ‘you’re too busy’ and you don’t stop to think about what it is you’re doing, you’ll quickly find that you’re doing to much shit. Being ‘BUSY’ doesn’t help either when you aren’t concentrating on your subject, or anything specific for that matter. You’re probably thinking of all the shit you have to do next.

So how can you do anything worthwhile with a mindset like that?

The volume of the work might be there, you could produce a lot of stuff, but what would it mean?


Now take the concept of being ‘FOCUSED’. You’re doing something with purpose and intent. There is a specific goal in your head and you’re digging your feet in, pushing through grit and resilience to get there. You allow yourself to ignore distractions and outside factors that can negatively affect your work. Being ‘FOCUSED’ allows you to put 110% of your energy into the task at hand.

Ultimately, success is right around the corner.

Keep this in mind next time you’ve got shit to do. Are you going to be the person that say’s: “Sorry I’m busy this afternoon” or are you going to be the person that doesn’t say anything, because you’re a “FOCUSED” badass?

You decide.

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