I’ve been ‘making stuff’ for years.

Small little gizmos in the garage made from scrap pieces of wood. Quick paintings on canvases I’ve found left in the basement. I even made my own version of hockey cards, using a marker set I got and some heavy weighted cardstock.

Yet now, in the day and age of social media, iPhone photography and YouTube vlogging I think that there has been a major difference in the type of things we create and the purpose behind it.

Furthermore, I believe that there is a profound difference in the content that we consume on a day to day basis, compared to more meaningful content which we may consume on a less frequent basis.

So the question becomes, what’s the difference between meaningful creation and content creation? I’ve broken it down here.

Creating content goes back to creating for creation’s sake. Which is totally cool! I’ve got no issue with that. The thing that I have an issue with is creating consistent work that is sub-standard to what you are capable of. Is the work you’re doing adding value to anyone else’s life?

Thanks to apps like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we’ve become attached to the mini-high we get from receiving more likes on our pictures and videos and we then think; how can I get MORE the next time?

Creating content for creation’s sake then becomes a strategy game on how to get more people clicking on your picture or your post or watching your video. You’ve become addicted to the RESULT of the creation instead of enjoying the PROCESS.

Now take this concept of meaningful creation. This differs from standard content creation in that, you may be producing less often, instead of daily it’s once or twice a week, but the work that you’re doing has a message, purpose and adds value to the viewers life. It has an immediate and lasting impact on them.

When it comes down to it, you are creating with intention. The result of however many likes, views, retweets or comments is not WHY you are doing this. With meaningful creation, the stats don’t matter as much as the impact you have on people does.

Focus on the human connection.

Focus on making an impact.

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