As a college student working towards a Bachelor’s, coffee is as necessary to life as oxygen and water. It runs through the veins of the greater population and for those who don’t drink coffee, they’ve taken to drinking tea (Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe are the typical culprits).

I’ll be the first to say that drinking tea isn’t (pardon the pun) my cup of tea.

Coffee on the other hand…

Now we’re talking.

As of late my favorite brew has been from a company called KICKING HORSE COFFEE, their Grizzly Claw and 454 Horse Power blend. It’s an organic, Fair trade coffee that runs a little expensive for the amount you get, but trust me, the value is there.

I’m here today to tell you how to make, the best cup of coffee…ever, and how to enjoy it.

If you have the means, a pour over or French press gives you the best flavor from the grounds as opposed to a Keurig or even a filter drip. Keep this in mind though; If you are willing to take the time to make a cup of pour over coffee and you immerse yourself in the process, simply by focusing on the act of making it, you’ve already begun to enjoy it even more.

There’s something that’s to quick and crude about Keurig machines that take the experience out of making coffee.

Feel free to use whatever methods you have available, I’m not here to bash Keurig. I am here though, to bash instant coffee. Do yourself a favor and throw it out.


Now, make the coffee.

The stronger the better.

Pour the coffee.

Now, as you open the fridge and reach for the milk and go to the cupboard reaching for the sugar, stop your hand right there and stop. We’re drinking this black. Have a glass of milk AFTER if you’re worried about your teeth staining, because we’re going to drink this cup of coffee the way coffee was supposed to be drunk; on its own.

Sit down.

Put your phone away.

Put everything away.

Sit at the kitchen table, on the couch, at your desk, wherever the hell you are, just sit down and push the outside world away.

Have you ever thought about doing that? What if, when you got a cup of coffee, you did nothing EXCEPT drink that cup? You devote yourself entirely to drinking that one cup. It becomes the only thing you’re focused on. Take a few minutes (you’re not going to miss anything, I promise) and sit in silence. Enjoy that coffee. Don’t look at your computer, phone, newspaper, TV, anything.

Focus on what’s right in front of you.

That beautiful, organic, Fair trade, kick ass cup of coffee.

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