A year is a long time, 365 days (366 if we’re in a leap year). That’s 365 different choices each morning when we wake up to make a difference, enforce change and to be a better person. I’ve often found myself in shitty situations, facing adversity, whether it’s in school, work or my personal life.

Shit happens.

Everyone knows that.

At least they think they do.

So why do people seem to freak out over the smallest inconvenience in their lives? When something doesn’t go their way, they uproot everything they’ve been doing, put on a pissed off face and storm out of the room leaving everyone else to staring at them.

The best part is that everyone watching this person thinks to themselves “Oh I’d never get that angry” or “I wouldn’t freak out, I’d do…” and then they list reasons A, B and C on how they’re so good at controlling their emotions.

Yet when their turn comes to deal with a stressful, inconvenient or tricky situation and everything goes South, they become the ones acting like a five-year-old.

One thing I’ve adopted in my life, one thing that’s helped me when I found myself in these kinds of situations is to ask the question:


If it doesn’t, why would I bother wasting my time on it? Why would I bother wasting my energy and emotions on it?

Retrospectively, it doesn’t make sense.

Life happens. Shit happens. Shit is a part of life. No way around that, whichever way you choose.

Everyone gets dealt a shitty hand at some point, regardless of who they are. The bad days in your life always seem to go by the slowest and the best days merely last seconds. Is that shitty hand worth spending your precious time on? Is it worth dedicating days of your own life to being pissed off and angry that things didn’t go your way? That might be for you if you enjoy living an unfulfilled life and I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m just here to say what worked for me.

Shit happens and you can’t do much of anything to change that fact.

If it doesn’t matter in a year, personally, I don’t care. I just let it go.

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