Don’t you hate those mornings when you wake up at 6:22 am for absolutely no reason and you lie in bed under the covers, staring up at the ceiling wondering why you’re awake and not feeling tired? You went to bed at 2:00 am, expecting to sleep in, yet for some reason your body has flipped a switch and now you’re wide awake with no hope of going back?

Get up.

Have a glass of water.

Do something.

Bored during the day? Is Saturday proving to be the coldest, windiest, stormiest day of the week with no hope of anything interesting ever happening in the next twenty-four hours? Now you find yourself sitting on the edge of your bed, wondering what you can do that will occupy you for the next twelve hours before you go back to sleep.

Get up.

Make a cup of coffee.

Do something.

Are you on a break between classes or sitting with your head against the window of a train heading downtown? Is your phone in your hand, itching to be looked at? Is your mind thinking of the empty hour you have ahead of you that needs to be filled up before you have to go back to class or get off the train?

Look up.

Put your phone away.

Do something.

Just DO something! It doesn’t have to be anything of crucial importance. Do whatever! Write, sketch, read, draw, plan your week, call a family member, go on a bike ride, go on a walk, clean, cook. You’re a human being! You can do incredibly cool shit!

So why would you waste it sitting on your ass like a stump on a log, mindlessly scrolling social media and doing absolutely NOTHING?

I’ve had my most prolific ideas and thoughts come to me when I’m wandering around, doing something that might, just MIGHT turn out to be nothing.

I’ll take a walk, just to clear my head. I’ll bring headphones with me, block everyone else out around me and just focus on walking, listening and relaxing.

Still, that’s better than just doing nothing at all.

Have a day off with no plans? All your friends are at work and you lucked out with the schedule that doesn’t match up. Now you wake up with no need to go to work but no friends or things to do to occupy your day.

Get up.

Make a smoothie.

Do something.

Go out to get a coffee instead of making it yourself. Don’t drive to the café, walk there. Don’t take the sidewalk. Walk through the trail.

Don’t waste a day.

Don’t let an opportunity go by.

Make yourself glad that you decided to do that thing, whatever it may be. Don’t be afraid you won’t be satisfied with what you do, because I can guarantee that you won’t be satisfied if you do nothing.


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