We hear that all the time. Hell, we even say it.

“That person’s a go-getter.” Or: “They’re just a go-getter, that’s all.”

What the hell does that actually mean?

In my opinion (for what it’s worth) go-getter’s are chasers. They’re always chasing something, always on the move. Constantly, they find themselves working towards something, perhaps in hope of finishing it early. Sure, they could finish with three days left before the deadline. But did they get anything out of it? Did they obtain any of the value they were supposed to? Odds are: no. They’re to imbalanced, focused solely on the result and ignoring the path to get there. They never get what they’re trying to (for lack of better terms) ‘go-get’.

Go-getter’s are the people who do a lot of talking and not a lot of doing. They think that they can’t start what they want to do without the best equipment, tools or resources. In other words, they’re afraid to start merely because they lack resources that other, more successful people possess.

They think they can’t start learning to paint because they don’t have the same types of brushes that Da Vinci used.

They think they can’t start a YouTube channel until they have the same camera equipment that Steven Spielberg uses.

What’s more, is that they wont start UNTIL they have those things, because in their mind, those items are what made those people successful.

A go-getter play’s it safe. ALWAYS. They’re risks are either minimal or non-existent entirely.

At the end of the day, a go-getter does the same shit as everyone else. They blend in fantastically well, but the only reason people ever take notice to them is because they can get shit done faster than everyone else.

Remember though, faster isn’t always better.

Someone recently said; “I’m trying to be more like you, so I I’m going to finish everything early.”

For the record, ‘everything’ being school work.

My response to this person went something like this; “Good for you, glad you’re trying. But finishing early isn’t exactly the point.” Getting shit done on time isn’t the essence of my personality. That’s not why I wake up every morning.

“But if I can finish it early, I’m not stressing last minute, I’m just going to grind it out and get it all done at once.”

In other words, this person was trying to be a go-getter.

I can’t remember how I responded after that, but still, they missed the point. Sure, most of my school work gets finished a day or two before the due date. We’ve got a seven day turn around on most projects. If something is assigned in Week 1, odds are its due the following week in Week 2.

And sure enough, this person spent so much of their time focused on finishing one thing, they neglected everything else and still ended up stressing last minute. What can you do?

The only reason I can finish ahead of schedule is because I’m intentional about the way I work, and I don’t allow time wasters. If I’ve got shit to do, I’m not going to wait around for that shit to stink up my life. I’m going to sit down and get rid of it, but with intention. If you neglect the intent by rushing, you’re going to end up missing something vital, doing it wrong or messing it up completely beyond the point of repair.

Now you’re right back to square one.

If there’s something to take a way from this, it’s that being a go-getter isn’t a bad thing. I’m not trying to degrade you or the work you do by saying that. If your mom calls you a go-getter because she thinks its cute and she loves you, don’t tell her it’s a bad name. Get her to read this, then talk about it. Revaluate the way you do shit. It’s my opinion so do with it what you want, if you can deal with it intentionally and properly. If you disagree, I’m not asking for you to stick around. It’s not for you, that’s life man.

Don’t rush the work you do just for the novelty of finishing before the deadline.

Haste isn’t your friend here.

Being intentional is.

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