Ideas are fantastic, like a little morsel of food for the brain. They come and go in fleeting moments, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad and sometimes they’re downright weird. Our ideas seem to come from nowhere, with no principle to base them off, no surface to ground them. They eventually become an airplane flying around in the sky, searching for a place to land with not a landing strip in sight.

Most idea’s are like that.

They circle endlessly in our minds, popping in and out of existence throughout our lives until one day, an idea hits us so strongly that we feel compelled to do something about it.

So, we sit down, and we start pondering how we can make this idea into reality.

But after five minutes of thinking we decide that it wont work, we give up and toss the idea into our very own proverbial garbage can, which fills up at an ever-increasing rate.

It never comes to fruition.

What a shame.

We all have ideas like that. Ones that sit on a shelf somewhere in our brain and then slowly get pushed back farther and farther into the abyss of our neural networks until the point where we completely forget it ever existed. Then, randomly, out of nowhere the idea returns in full force, blazing alerts in our mind. And there it sits now, right on the edge of the shelf, threatening to fall and shatter, waiting for us to do something with it.

I’ve had so many ideas in the last few days that I can’t even express their quantity. It seems that my mind is an endless hamster wheel, churning out new ideas with each revolution. I had an idea right at the beginning of December last year, as the school year was winding down and I was finishing up my final projects.

I thought of my life, where I was going and where I had come from. I thought about the practices that I tried to implement on a daily basis. Maybe there was something worth sharing?

My New Years Resolution for 2019 was to start this blog, the very one you’re reading right now and to focus on creating from a place of intention rather than simply to put out sketches, designs or writings merely for the sake of their existence.

And here we are.

I made that IDEA into an ACTIONABLE REALITY, something I could physically interact with and enjoy. More importantly though, this idea gave me room to grow and expand upon the original concept, developing it into something I never would have seen from the outset.

That’s the wonder of ideas.

You won’t truly know their full potential until you act upon them.

All ideas will remain as ideas unless you choose to do something about it. Execution is the ultimate key here.

You have an idea for a book?

Start writing?

But I’m not very good at writing.

So? You won’t get better by NOT writing.

You don’t need to be very good to start. Hell, you don’t need to be good at all. You can be the absolute worst writer in history, but nothing will happen to your idea for a book if you don’t at least start. There is no prerequisite for starting a project, no matter how big or small.

See? It’s really quite simple. Now this person who has an IDEA for a book just has to start the act of writing and their idea has become a reality. Keep in mind, this book isn’t likely to be the next great American novel and change the literature landscape for the rest of time, but they won’t know if they don’t make their idea a reality.

So what if it turns out like crap. A lot of our ideas our crap, we just think they’re good because they’re all still in our head.

If you can’t act on your idea, it’s worthless.

If you CAN act on your idea…

Now you’re onto something.

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