Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Those are the infamous words of one Ferris Bueller, the iconic, adventurous teen from the 1986 film: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. One of my favourite movies of all time, so I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Watch it once to enjoy it. Laugh, cry, do whatever you do during movies.

Now watch it a second time and learn from it.

Life can change and move at alarming rates. Often it goes by faster than we ever thought or expected it to.

Using myself as an example, it feels like I moved away to college a few months ago to start in my first year. To think that its been three years since the day I packed up the van with the contents of my life, is a perverse thought.

The last three years have been a blur of both the good and bad, but they’ve swept past me just as quick.

There’s been a lot of things that I’ve done in such a short amount of time and when I look back, I’m honestly amazed that three years has gone by so fast.

I’ve learned a lot throughout these last three years though. Plenty of valuable information has come my way, just the same as many valuable opportunities have come. Yet for as many tidbits of information and chances I get, an even greater amount slips by without me so much as noticing.

That’s the thing about life, its always throwing stuff at you, just to see how you will react.

This past summer, I was talking with a girl who literally shook my mental core to its foundation. She said something so profound and insightful I thought I was standing next to the Dali Lama. Sadly, I can’t remember it word for word, but believe me when I say it was awesome. There was depth, perspective and some element of humanistic understanding that I had never before experienced in any conversation. Ever.

From that moment on, right after her and I had that conversation, I decided to start taking more chances. I started doing more things. Not because I felt like I had an obligation to up hold, that if I wasn’t doing anything, I was wasting space and time, but because it felt like I NEEDED to be doing things. She had triggered an untapped energy source, a compulsion to do shit! Up until that moment I realized I had let so many chances and opportunities pass me by. I hadn’t even stopped to think about any of them before, or the impact that they could have had on my life.

What I began to understand was that you never know where an opportunity is going to take you.

You have to be able to embrace these moments of change. We hear it all the time: embrace the moment, or something like that. Despite being cliché and a common quote, I don’t think people actually understand what it means. I’m sure its someone’s Instagram bio somewhere, but do you think that they really understand what it means?

Embracing the moment can mean anything to any person, but the principle of it is the same.

You don’t know what you’re in for and sometimes you don’t even know what you’re looking for when these opportunities or moments pass you by. They simply happen and boom, an opportunity has fallen in your lap. What are you going to do with it? Embracing the moment lets you take that opportunity and let it guide you, let it take you where it wants to go, not where you want to go.

To take the proverbial statement; “Grab life by the balls” is entirely an understatement here. You need to go out there and get it! Don’t just grab life by the balls. You need to grab, pull and yank and let the world know that you’re here to do something, you’re here to make something happen.

Unfortunately, not every person alive will end be a huge success. Not everyone will be famous and influential and change the world. Because if everyone did do that, then it wouldn’t seem so extraordinary. It would be normal. And as we all know very well, in our modern world, being normal is like being invisible.

Regardless, being comfortable with the fact that you won’t ever be as successful as a Rockstar or as influential as everyone’s favourite politician, is a humbling experience. You’re trying to live your own life, not someone else’s. You’re going to take your chance at life and go for it, go all in, hit me with your best shot.

Life’s short as it is.

To short in fact to spend it being mad, angry or resentful because you didn’t get what you wanted, or things didn’t go your way.

Your whole life is an endless string of limitless possibilities. You’ve been given a chance to do something. Whatever that something is, is up to you too decide.

Use it.

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