Everyone needs their own space.

Personal space or simply an environment where you can get away. It’s crucial. I used to never understand what it meant. I always used to surround myself with the white noise of others company because I feared being alone. It was only until I was comfortable with myself being alone that I understood how important head space was.

In one of my past relationships, I remember getting frustrated time and time again, not at her but at myself. I craved a sense of independence and solitude, even though I was still very much interested in her. I didn’t know how to tell her that I wanted some time alone and still valued her. I think I sent the wrong message, because this was the start of many fights and alas, we’re not together anymore.

So, what’s my headspace? For me it’s the gym. The gym is the one place where I can get away from all distractions, work and other aspects of my life. When I’m in the gym I’m free to do whatever I want. I have no responsibility to my education, to my ongoing projects or even to this blog when I’m in the gym. As soon as I step through the turnstile and walk up the set of stairs into the cardio room, I feel like I can escape the turmoil and stresses of the world.

Its like a bubble.

I’ve found huge benefits from having the accessibility to this headspace. Without, my consistency and daily routines would surely crumble. I’m doing a lot of things, focusing on multiple creative outlets at a time and with all that stimulus I need a place where I can completely zone out. Just as everyone does.

Not only is the gym a fantastic place for me to go and destress in the morning or in the evening before a major project, the act of going to the gym and exercising daily helps inform better parts of my life. Since the new year I’ve been at the gym five days a week, with two light and easy days on the weekends to allow myself to recover. I’ve noticed drastic changes in my health and lifestyle.

I have more energy.

I’m enjoying the foods I eat more and more.

I’ve become even more intentional about the foods I consume when I’m out of the gym.

This allows me to prioritize the other events in my life. I know that daily, I need to put some time aside and make it into the gym. It’s become a consistent aspect of my daily routine. Without, It’s hard to say what would happen.

In a weird way, running on the treadmill or spinning on the cardio bikes has become a bizarre method of meditation for me. I’ve read into several types of meditation before and different techniques but could never find it in myself to sit down and actively practice. Going to the gym though, is easy. I can wake up in the morning, throw my gym clothes and shoes on in five minutes and I’m out the door. The ten-minute walk there wakes me up and I can watch the world start to come alive to the soundtrack in my headphones.

Without exploiting my head space, I get restless. I itch to do something, to feel stimulated by something, anything. I crave the dopamine effect that comes with fulfilling yourself, getting away and working till your muscles scream and tell you to stop. It clears my head, keeps me level and keeps me going.

Just like the body needs rest after extreme physical exercise, so does your mind. If your mind doesn’t get the rest it needs, you’re going to burn out.

Its almost inevitable.

You need to find your own head space, your own place where you can zone out, forget about everything else and focus on yourself.

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