The way we live these days, with our school systems, all our rules and all our regulations, we’ve adopted this mentality that if you’re average, you’re doing great. Don’t change a thing, you’re meeting the requirements. Keep it the way it is.

By simply existing and getting by the same as nearly everyone else on the planet, you’re doing great things. Being average is now celebrated amongst parents and our peers, except there’s no real payoff for being average.

No one makes millions of dollars at what they do merely by being average.

If anything, average is invisible.

Being average is like getting a participation medal for being born. It’s not in your control, it just sort of happens. And if you stay average, with no interesting differences or skills that set you apart from everyone else around you, you end up blending into the endless mesh of human fabric.

You need to start realizing that your time is valuable.

You yourself are valuable!

Your IDEAS are valuable!

Why should you settle for average, something less than you are capable of achieving, rather than going out and doing what you want to and doing it well?

If you say something that goes along with being average is easy, it’s better to just play it safe, I’m more comfortable just being average, I’m scared what people will think of me…then you’re still invisible.

Average is invisible.

You need to think of this question and truly, honestly answer it. Why ARENT you going out and doing what you want? Why ARE you settling for average? It’s an easy answer really, but one that people don’t often think of. People fear what will go wrong.

I could fail.

I could embarrass myself.

I could be wrong.

Yes. This is true. You could fail miserably, be wrong and embarrass yourself so badly that everyone you know stops talking to you. It’s totally possible and completely inevitable. Everyone will fail at least once at something they are passionate about. Yet here’s the kicker, they’re passionate about it! So they don’t care if they failed, they rebuild and keep going. They don’t want to settle for being average.

But of course, you’ve settled for average, for being invisible, so you won’t ever know, will you?

Think of what can go right.

This is a perfect way to shift your mindset and get out of the slump of being average. If you blend in with everyone else, it’s impossible for anyone else to distinguish you. You need something that will set you apart, not just from another pool of job candidates or your classmates. You need a drive, a power, an obsession, that pushes you up another level. If you start by thinking what can go right for you instead of what can and will go wrong, you’re going to get there.

No one starts being amazing right out of the gate. All the successful musicians out there all had to learn an instrument at some point. Surely, they sucked in the beginning. They were well below average. But they never stopped trying. Eddi Van Halen never let the criticism and failures get to him and make him stop playing guitar.

By keeping a negative outlook in your head, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

Negative experiences are impossible to avoid, and they often lend themselves to be some of our most influential and educational experiences. Embrace the inevitable negative experiences life will throw at you but keep the mindset of what will go right in your head.

Remember, you want to stand out. You don’t want to be invisible.

Don’t be average.

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