How many of you guys listen to those videos on YouTube of The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs and countless other inspirational figures, athletes, billionaires, geniuses…talking about mindset, attitude and determination. These videos do marginally better than most other content on the platform, because they’re applicable to everyone. Everyone needs motivation or hyping up at some point in their life. Maybe it’s a daily thing, but hey, that’s on you. You do you.

But there’s a sense of truth to them, as these celebrity figures draw upon their own personal experiences and hardships to try and get us in gear. Still, there’s also an interesting novelty to them. The whole idea that they exist, that we need someone else to tell us what to do, that we’re capable, that we can be inspirational and dedicated, seems a little primitive to me.

Why should we watch a video of someone telling us that we’re invincible when we can simply act it and believe it ourselves?

Well, that’s what this is about.

The truth is…

We all have what it takes.

To first be invincible and act invincible you need to understand what that means. On a personal level, what does it mean to possess an invincible mindset?

The mantra of ‘what we do becomes who we are’ is never more prominent than in this day and age, especially with more people than ever pursuing their own path, following creativity and intuition to create their own future rather than following someone else’s.

If you want to continue acting invincibly, working like nothing can stop you, you need to understand what keeps you going. To understand the invincible mindset personally, look at your work, who you spend time around and what you want to do with your life. These will all be incredibly informing factors in the development of your invincible mindset.

These are all things that you can control!

And that’s what the essence of being invincible comes down to. Your ability and the manner in which you handle the controllable items in your life. This can be anything, from the time you wake up each morning to the people you spend time with to the projects you decide to pursue.

If you’re following something that informs your life, makes a difference and can in some way bring you joy, you’re already on the right path.

You know that you are in control.

That’s the beautiful thing here. You can decide what you pursue, challenge and create. Working with things that are entirely in your control allows you to act invincibly as a part of your day to day lifestyle.

Likewise, you need to understand that everyone has what it takes to become invincible. It’s not a select group of people that develop differently than others. Possessing an invincible mindset is not some kind of rare trait that only shows up in abnormal situations. No…everyone has the potential.

So, from this you need to understand…

You are enough.

There is no need to strive to be someone you’re not, to set standards that don’t align with your personality or to strive for goals merely to create a façade of invincibility. Acting with invincibility and mental toughness is a change in your mindset and thought process. No longer do you settle for what you get in life, you go out and you create what you want to and pursue things that fulfill you. With the mindset of creation, inspired by invincibility, there is nothing that can stop you. You will keep going because you believe in what you’re doing.

At the end of the day this is something that you and only you can do for yourself. Anyone can be invincible, but you are in control of your own mindset. Depend on no one to get things done along side you. Get shit done by yourself.

Depend on no one.

Get shit done yourself.

Once you accept yourself, who you are, what you can do, why you do things…the empowerment is already setting in. With consistency and acceptance, you can easily become invincible.

You create what you want because you are acting as who you want to be.

It’s okay to act selfish with your personal time, energy and priorities.

This is your life.

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