Change is crucial.

Change is important.

This isn’t a fairytale kind of mantra, that we should all accept change in our lives.

It’s the truth.

The only way that we can grow and evolve as a species and as individuals, is through change. Without we become stagnant and fail to differentiate ourselves.

As you can probably tell by the main image in the post, things have changed. For the 40th article I’ve written on here, I’ve decided to adopt a different visual aesthetic. Not because I was growing bored of the old design and way of presenting information, but because change is how we evolve. And I cant evolve this writing if changes aren’t made.

Change frees up our lives, creativity and potential.

I want to continue evolving aspects of my life, experimenting and trying new things. Straying from the norm of a ‘cookie-cutter’ template, using the same format over and over with the same images and the same style leaves no room for creativity and potential. If everything is the same, then there’s no room for freedom or expansion. It becomes stagnant. Content is a lot like sharks. If they stop moving, they die.

If content stops changing. It dies.

This is why people go downtown to a city centre to work, or visit a café instead of working alone in their bedrooms. The change of space, the different environment and the white noise of conversation stimulate the senses. Not only is it a change of scenery on a Sunday morning, it’s also a change of mindset.

In your life, your content, your work, your passion…you shouldn’t feel stuck. If it’s something you’re truly passionate about, change will be crucial. As long as it’s something that you’re truly passionate about, that inspires and motivates you, then there’s no reason why things shouldn’t change around you. The space, the time, the methods of which you approach problem solving will continuously evolve.

Without that evolution and the change, we grow stagnant.

And just like sharks…we die.

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