Making things is hard work. Being creative is hard work. Doing your own thing and intentionally belittling the fear in your head is hard work. Truth be told, there’s no easy way around in this world. Life pushes us, kicks us, punches us right in the face. But we still go on living and keeping doing things. Whether or not they’re the right things is up to us to decide, but there are definitely times when we don’t continue. We stop and we quit. And believe me, quitting is hard work to.

Quitting is hard to do. 
So why is quitting hard? Take a look at people who smoke. It’s extremely addictive and over time becomes a necessity in that person’s life. I know people who smoke and watching them try to quit is scary. It’s extremely challenging. Because the addiction to smoking has taken control of their life.So why is quitting things in our own personal lives do difficult? We get to absorbed in the simplicity and convenience of everything. We’ll quit putting in effort and just finish the project just to say it’s over. Or we continue working and don’t quit and end up being unsatisfied and unfulfilled. That sounds miserable.

Quitting is okay.

I read Seth Godin’s book The Dip and it completely transformed the way I looked at quitting.The key take away of that book, is the entire concept of not wasting time. Don’t waste your time. Our lives our short and we only have a finite amount of time on this planet to do the things we love.Wasting your time is pretty easy to do as well, so being conscious of what you’re doing is critical. If something you want to pursue is worth doing, then don’t bother wasting your time worrying about quitting, thinking about quitting, wondering whether what you’re doing is right or wrong. Don’t even waste your time quitting. If you’re going to quit, just do it. Get it over and done with. Rip the band aid off and move on.

Don’t quit when it hurts.

Quitting when it hurts is the worst way to quit anything. Everything hurts at some point, no matter what the endeavor is. If we stopped working out when our muscles hurt and our lungs burned we would never get better, training would be pointless. If everyone stopped exploring because their feet got tired, they got hungry or the terrain was to difficult, we wouldn’t know the world as we do it. The biggest successes have come from the greatest hardships.

Great challenges breed great results.

When pursuing something worthwhile, meaningful and intentional, something that brings you joy and value…there’s no reason to quit, no matter how difficult things may get. Shit happens. That’s a part of life. An inevitable part of life. Yet on the other side of that shit, beyond the challenge, there’s more success and satisfaction than anyone can think of.Yet we don’t often think of what’s beyond the challenge. We see it as an impassable wall that we cant possibly get through, simply because it sucks. Learning to look beyond the wall is key here. I’m going to tell you how to look past the challenge and seek out the true potential of your ambition.

Shit doesn’t matter.

No matter how stressful things get, how hard things are…they don’t matter in the long run. In a day, a week, maybe even a month, whatever you’re worrying and stressing about won’t matter. Yet we all get caught up in the moment. In the moment it seems like this challenge will go on forever. It feels like there’s no way out.Sticking it out is all about understanding that shit doesn’t matter.It’s not worth wasting your time stressing over the little things, no matter how big they seem. In the long run….it doesn’t matter.But there wont be a long run if you don’t stick it out. You need to get over the fear of failure, the fear of challenges and the fear of fucking up. It’ll happen regardless somewhere along the line. So embrace it.

Keep the end goal in mind.

Stick it out.Finish the job.Don’t waste your time thinking of quitting.If it’s worth doing, it’s worth making it to the end.

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