“Don’t get upset” they say. “Don’t be mad.” “You need to relax.” “Calm down.”

Good lord, how annoying that advice is.

I find that our happiness and sadness as human beings always goes back to our perspective on the world.

Happiness and sadness are all about perspective.

It’s not easy to change your mindset, especially overnight. It takes a lot of dedication and focus, but most importantly a purpose. Why do you want to change your mindset? Through a shift of perspective and way of thinking, you can influence how you react in situations and experiences. I used to get really flustered and stressed out whenever a plan of mine wouldn’t follow through or my schedule got messed up. I would get angry and frustrated, lose my temper and forget to think rationally.

Yet across the last few years, I think I’ve been able to make a difference in the way I approach these situations. It hasn’t been easy though. Something as dramatic and intensive as a total paradigm shift isn’t something to take lightly, so be prepared.

Life is short to begin with, so being conscious and intentional with how you spend your time is vital to living a fulfilled life. In my opinion, life is to short to drink crappy coffee, but it’s also to short to live in anger.

Life’s to short to be angry.

Wouldn’t you want to spend the time you had around people you enjoy? Spend the time doing something you love? Something that brings you joy and makes you feel fulfilled?

I have a feeling that you’d rather not spend half your life wasting away your time because you were mad or angry at someone.

You can’t get your time back. 

Time is precious, especially with your loved ones. Now that I’m 20 and I have a bit of retrospect, I can look back on times in my childhood when I acted out as a total brat, not understanding what I was doing and ended up spending the afternoon being mad at my mom. It was probably for something really trivial to, not even worth the time. I think it was a computer game that let you color in a drawing with different numbers and different colors. Like I said, really stupid. As I recall I had been a brat when she was trying to show me how to work the game and I wasn’t having it, so as a result I started acting extra bratty and before long, I wasn’t allowed to play the game anymore. Thus, my afternoon tantrum and silent treatment towards my mom ensued.

Which I regret immensely.

You need to love and value those you spend time with.

There’s not enough times in our lives to truly love someone, especially when we spend half of it living in fear, anger and regret. Why waste that time? It’s obviously better to spend it being loving, caring and considerate of the people closest in your life.


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