From a college minimalist,

When I first started college, there was no structure, no sense of time management or organization in my life at all. It was a complete free-for-all for eight months of waking up, getting to class and doing what needed to be done. I was messy, all over the place and unfocused.

Ultimately, I was super unproductive.

eyeglasses near on paper

But time’s have changed.

I’ve learned a great deal of things in the last two years, not just about school itself and my field of study. I’ve become a huge proponent for productivity and intentional work, based around these five principles. Read them, try them and see if they work for you.

Wake up early!

person holding white mini bell alarmclock

I cannot stress this enough! Wake up early! Get time in, get work in, just do something! We spend so much of our mornings asleep, not working, not being productive and then we stay up super late trying to finish everything up because we realize that we’ve run out of time in the day.

I used to wake up at 7:30 which would give me just enough time to run to school for my 8:00 classes. No work got done in that time. I had half an hour to get dressed, shower and gather my shit before heading out the door. Often times it was just enough to get to class before it started. Sometimes it wasn’t. I would love sleeping in until nine or ten in the morning, completely ignoring the thought and possibility of anything that could happen if I simply woke up a few hours earlier.

Now, my days start at 5:30 in the morning and I can typically find myself falling asleep around 10:00 at night. No issues, no problems, no scrambling to get work done.

Waking up 1 or 2 hours before you typically would and dedicating that time to pure uninterrupted and focused work can have a huge benefit on your productivity and work ethic! Try it for a week, see how much you can get done before everyone else wakes up in the morning.

Do your most important work first.

man sitting on chair in front on window during daytime

The mornings are when you have the potential to be the most productive. There’s no dispute about that whatsoever. When you wake up, have that first cup of coffee and everything is quiet around you, there’s no distractions, no social media vying for your attention…that’s when you have the potential to do the best work possible!

So of course, it would make sense to do the most important work in your day in the morning.

The important work is entirely relative to. It doesn’t have to be work for a job or for school. It could be a passion project or a small side gig that you’re working on in the background.

grey and black pen on calendar book

Plan and prioritize your day.

Always make free time.

Forget about perfection.

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