It’s better to do it with passion or not at all.man playing drum in subway

Passion is one of those terms that we throw around all the time, without genuinely thinking of what it means and the potential it holds. Passion is what breeds our excitement and dedication about a project. It’s the reason we wake up early or stay up late to work on something. Passion is the driver behind countless hour’s spent in refinement and practice. With passion, our project becomes something we don’t just want to do, it’s something we must do.

Pursuing a passion leads to personal fulfillment.guitarist playing guitar on stage

Through following your passion, you are able to achieve results at the highest level. There’s no better motivator behind your work than to follow something with your entire heart and soul. If you’re truly committed to your passion, nothing can stand in your way. Not time, money, difficulty or any other external factor. Regardless of the end goal, by following your passion you’ll be able to get there.

It’s a perspective shift.gray wooden sea dock near green pine trees under white sky at daytime

Having a passion for something and pursuing that as an endeavor, ultimately changes the way you think about your passion itself and the situations you find yourself in. Gone is the fleeting mindset of: “I’ll get to it later” or “do I really want to do this right now?” Even if you find yourself unmotivated or wanting to sleep in instead of getting up to work, that drive, and passion kicks you in the ass and pushes you out of bed no matter how hard you resist.

This is where a passion becomes more than just a hobby.

It’s not something you want to do. It’s something you need to do.man standing on stream

Accept that. Accept the idea that your passion can take you places, sometimes places you never expected. You never know what results can come from a simple idea, especially if you pursue it with the passion that drove you to conjure up that idea in the first place.


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