Have you ever noticed how you feel after you have McDonalds and you ask yourself; “why did I eat that?” You feel like shit, your stomach hurts and you’ve got a headache. It’s because McDonalds is shit food and shit food is even more shit for your body. You eat Momma’s home cooked meals and you feel amazing.

Good food is crucial to physical optimization.

I didn’t realize this as a kid. It wasn’t something I had a good grasp of until I got halfway through my first year of college and finally got tired of feeling like complete garbage all the time. I had no energy, my mindset was all out of whack and I had no motivation. I wasn’t at the gym and overall my life was slowly slipping through my fingers.

And I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted to grab life by the balls and do something with myself.

It all started in the kitchen.

I’m sure that anyone who has lived away from home and resorted to cooking their own food or living off of fast food or residence food can attest to how it makes you feel. LIKE TOTAL GARBAGE. I lived off of reheated burgers, crap sandwiches and drinks that were super high in sugar. I barely ate any veggies, barely touched fruit except for the occasional smoothie and the quality of food that was eating was incredibly poor.

It wasn’t until I was home for the weekend one time just before the Christmas break when I finally decided to change these things.

Good food = Good mindset.

I think the main reason why I ate garbage food in the very beginning was because I was lazy and didn’t fully appreciate what good food was and what it could do for me. Good food is crucial to having a good mindset. Even the quality of the food you eat can reflect in how you respond in situations and how you act. It’s like I said before.

Food is fuel.

You only have one chance at life and you only have one body to do it with. So why treat it like shit? Why would you feed yourself garbage and expect good results out of it?

A key way to make steps in becoming more attached to the food that you eat is to start cooking for yourself. Start making your own meals. The act of going out and buying your groceries and then cooking and preparing the meals yourself is a huge step. It teaches an appreciation for the food you’re making and even more of an appreciation when you go and eat it.

Enjoying the process of buying, cooking and preparing your food. That’s what helped me become more conscious of what I was eating.

Make it count.

Like I said earlier, life is short and we only get one shot at it. There’s no coming back after you die. Much in the same way that if you screw up your body once, you’ll have to live with this ramifications for the rest of your life. There’s no second chances.

Think of the food that would best inform your life at the particular time. This doesn’t mean you have to live with restrictions around your diet, but you should at least be conscious about it. I still eat chocolate and cake and junk food. I drink on occasion and that’s okay. You know why its okay?


When I do decide to consume these foods its always in moderation. I know the lasting and negative effects of these food and it’s not what I want to have influence my life. The junk food, the crap food, the fast food all tastes good, but the benefits you receive from it are incredibly short term. You only feel good in the moment when you’re eating it. Later on, when your stomach is bubbling and you‘ve been bent over a toilet seat for an hour, you regret that decision.

Think the food you eat in the same manner. Short term versus the long term. A chicken stir fry may not taste as delicious and sweet as a nice slice of chocolate cake, but a stir fry is definitely ten times better for you overall than the chocolate cake.

Short term vs. Long term.

You’ll see differences to. I guarantee it. Even after eating clean for a week, you’ll see differences. Changes in mood and energy. You’re mindset will be more positive and more confident. Stress wont affect you the same and you can act more focused.

The impacts of food on the human body and the brain are vast and largely abused with the convenience of microwave dinners, fast food and high fat, high sugar meals. But that doesn’t mean that you need to eat those foods either. You can better inform your life, your body and your mindset simply by choosing simpler, healthier foods.

Respect yourself.

Respect your body.

Respect your life.

You only get one.

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