This post is a throwback to article 002. Still, to this day…it has to be one of my favourite memories from last year. That’s the best part about it. It’s a memory. It doesn’t take up any physical space, I have no objects or trinkets to remind me of that day, just the emotions and thoughts that I experienced during that fantastic evening.

For those who haven’t yet read 002, stop reading this, go back and read it then come back and continue here where you left off.

I met a girl, we became friends and without even planning it, we had the most engaging and important conversations that I’ve ever had.

Conversation is super crucial!

We talked about everything, from obscure ghost stories to how to properly descend a hill on a bike. We rode around the back streets of the local town, stopping on the side of the road to check out the cows in the fields. It was purely innocent and random. We had no schedule to keep, there was no rules we had to abide by. There was never a pressure to say anything or do anything…it was pure freedom.

There is no adventure greater than simple conversation.

Texting is great, calling is great to…but they miss something. There’s no real person to person connection, even if you’re calling someone and you can hear their voice. You can’t see their face, you can’t read their expressions. There are no physical ques to push you to say certain things. If you truly want to communicate with someone in a meaningful way, it has to be done in person!

In person is always the best.

Conversations can do something within us that no other form of social interaction can. Whether you’re actively talking to the other person or it’s one of those silent interactions where you are sharing the same space as someone else. So what is it? What makes in person conversations and interaction so much better than texting, calling or face-timing someone on their day off?

There’s the sense of connection and understanding between the people involved. For a start, that’s what drives you to keep the conversation going. If there’s a strong connection from person to person, odds are you’ll keep going with the flow and the talking will continue. You can look into the other’s eyes, read their lips, watch their movements, experience their scent and maybe even their touch.

Meaningful times are poisoned by distractions.

When I was out with the girl from 002, we didn’t have our phones on us. There were no distractions. We were purely engaged in each other’s company, talking and interacting with one another. Even though that evening can be seen as ‘just a bike ride’ to me it was so much more. The conversation, the company and the communication was meaningful and valuable.

To this day, I look back on that evening and remember with fondness the pure intentionality of our conversation. That’s something that I think will stick with me forever.

Try it, next time you’re with someone whom you value. It could be a family member, a friend, a significant other, anyone really. Get rid of distractions, your phone, laptop, email…get rid of it all. Go out on a walk, be alone together in your own company and experience the true value of a meaningful conversation.

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