Are shortcuts good or bad? Is it cheating or playing fair?

If you’re in a circuit race and you stray from the track, taking a shorter, easier and less technical route to get to the finish line before your opponents then yes, that’s cheating. And it’s definitely not playing fair.

So what if we used that same approach in life? If you took a shortcut to get from one part of your life to another, avoiding negative people, bypassing all of the hard parts and the challenges…where would you be? Would you feel fulfilled or is there a little voice screaming in your head, yelling that you cheated your way to where you are now?

Is that fair?

If you want my opinion (which I assume you do, that’s why you’re here)…taking the easy way out of anything and everything get’s you nowhere. There’s no benefit to skimping out on your life, just to get somewhere faster. If the shortcut isn’t adding value, teaching you something or challenging you…then there’s no point. It won’t bring you any more success than going the hard way.

There’s no benefit, no success in shortcuts.

If anything, you’re cheating yourself out of an experience!

There’s something therapeutic about going through a rigorous process to work towards your end goal. Spending days and weeks on a project and watching your final result or end product sit on display gives you the sweetest of emotions. It’s a blissful moment that you can only get if you’ve gone through the process to get there, battling through each stage and phase of the journey.

The lazy never win.

This is something else to keep in mind. If you’re lazy, or if you slack off on your job…people notice, no matter how discrete you try to be. It’s plainly obvious actually. You stick out like a sore thumb. People will slowly begin to resent you for your lack of effort and lack of dedication. This doesn’t only put you in a bad spot with your peers, but also amongst the social structure of the place you’re in. Whether it’s school, work, roommate living…if someone doesn’t pull their weight, everyone notices.

But why are we lazy? I think it’s quite simple.

We’re afraid of failure.

We’re afraid to fail at something we perhaps love to do. And in that fear, we continue to procrastinate completing the actual task because we’re afraid that our final result will fail. That’s why people who want to write a book might write a hundred words a day or less. Or, in the worst case scenario, they spend all their time thinking about what to write and never touch the keyboard or a pen.

If there’s anything else to be said about taking the path less traveled, straying from the conventional or doing things the hard way, despite the challenges…it’s that great challenges often have great rewards. At the end of your path or the end of the rainbow if you will, no one else is willing to pursue that more than you. Therefor, if you can stick it out and make it there, the rewards are all yours. You don’t have to worry about anyone else competing with you because you’re the only one with the balls and the determination to get yourself there.

Everyone else stopped, failed or turned away!

Fear, laziness and shortcuts are the ultimate way to kill your productivity. So don’t fall into the trap of the quick fix. Invest the time in the longer solution. Trust me, it’ll pay off.

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