One of the final sketchbooks I completed in my final year studying Industrial Design in Toronto. This book was used for developing the aesthetics for my thesis project, as well as an industry sponsored project and a collaboration with the UX Design students at my college. This sketchbook jumps all over the place in terms of content, but it is still one of my favorites to date. It shows experimentation and diversity in sketching, two very important things with industrial design sketching.


These sketchbooks mark the rise in my skill development as an industrial designer and a design sketcher. In a weird way, I felt more comfortable filling up the pages in these books and also felt less scared of producing a bad sketch. I made the effort to challenge myself, sketching products which I wasn’t used to doing, or even comfortable with.
This concludes the first industrial design sketchbook from the semester. On to the next one below.
And another sketchbook…
Still? More sketching?