Throughout my fourth year studying Industrial Design, I saw my own personal style start to emerge in my sketches. I found a method of sketch construction that suited my needs and personal workflow. It took a while, but we got there.


Doodles done in airports, AirBnbs and cafes across Australia.


I bought a sketchbook from a local art store for a few bucks, and decided to turn it into a concept book for shoe styling.


In my third year studying Industrial Design, I set myself the challenge of sketching more unique objects. I wanted to experiment with exploded views, analyzing the internal geometry, not just external forms. This mindset saw me filling up page after page at an alarming rate, producing a few sketches which I am very proud of. In the end, it’s all about the process and learning through practice.


My second year of industrial design school saw a plethora of exploded views and mediocre renders. It’s still a learning curve and it’s still a process. Each page completed is a valuable asset, a learning experience in itself. That’s why I have included ALL the sketches. Even the shitty ones. Process and practice is never pretty.