BRP International Design Competition – 4 Months

REDBACK is an electric vehicle designed for BRP, optimized for urban adventure riding and off-road adventures in northern environments. REDBACK uses 8 onboard cameras as ‘eyes’ to capture the ride from the vehicle’s point of view.


Design a 1+1 electric vehicle for harsh winter conditions, that adopts the BRP design language and inspires a connection between the rider and the urban environment.


Urban electric recreation vehicle, escaping from the grind of daily life.


Connect Gen Y/Z with the natural environment in winter conditions.


Adopt urban adventure photography with off-road thrills.

REDBACK – Ideation

The necessary & messy process sketches.

Establishing a dynamic and unique form through profile exploration.

Ergonomic Considerations

Ergonomic bucks where built to gauge the physicality of the required motor, battery and motor control for the vehicle. This aided in establishing proportions for the 1:1 vehicle size.

Concept Sketching

Concept Refinement

Final Product

Vehicle Features

Accessory Design

1:5 Scale Model

Watch the full REDBACK model making process video here!