Ideation focused on 3 wheel concepts that where higher off the ground, with an aggressive, angular form language.

Concept development took several ideations and narrowed them towards a refined form. Developing the concept allowed for user / rider gear to be designed and truly expressing unique form with the styling.

As the final form of REDBACK began to take shape, great care was taken to develop a full range of accessories and attachments for the vehicle. BRP designers put a lot of emphasis on the ability of their products to accommodate accessories and support customization. Using the existing LINQ system, accessories and detail features surrounding camera equipment and content creation where developed for REDBACK.

REDBACK evolved into a three-wheeled vehicle, with the ability to add accessories and accommodate an additional rider with the attachment of a secondary seat. Product styling, form language and surface texture break up the body of the vehicle with the intent of turning heads as it rips down the winter roads.