I never used to journal. Never. I tried to keep a diary of my things when I was a child, keeping hold of memories when I went on vacation somewhere or in case something dramatically interesting happened to me. Yet other than that…I didn’t find much value in writing things down. That was of course,Continue reading “059_WHY JOURNAL”


There’s something to be said about being good at what you do and letting others know. Being humble is one of those weird things that you can nail really well or mess up entirely. No one likes the cocky asshole who flaunts his/her talents on everyone else, putting everyone down and degrading their abilities. AtContinue reading “058_BE HUMBLE”


Are shortcuts good or bad? Is it cheating or playing fair? If you’re in a circuit race and you stray from the track, taking a shorter, easier and less technical route to get to the finish line before your opponents then yes, that’s cheating. And it’s definitely not playing fair. So what if we usedContinue reading “057_THE HARD WAY”


This post is a throwback to article 002. Still, to this day…it has to be one of my favourite memories from last year. That’s the best part about it. It’s a memory. It doesn’t take up any physical space, I have no objects or trinkets to remind me of that day, just the emotions andContinue reading “056_CONVERSATION”


Have you ever noticed how you feel after you have McDonalds and you ask yourself; “why did I eat that?” You feel like shit, your stomach hurts and you’ve got a headache. It’s because McDonalds is shit food and shit food is even more shit for your body. You eat Momma’s home cooked meals andContinue reading “055_RESPECT YOURSELF”


Distinguishing between connection and identity is one of the primary directives that pushed me towards minimalism in the first place. I was tired of wearing a t shirt in hopes that I would fit into some kind of social group, or that by wearing a particular brand I was depicted lower on the social ladder.Continue reading “054_CONNECTION & IDENTITY”


Have you ever asked yourself before you do something: ‘How did *insert random name here* do this?’ First off; bad question. You immediately search for satisfaction that someone else was able to do the same thing that you’re trying to do now? And what happens with that? You end up copying their method action forContinue reading “053_DOING IT WRONG”


Everyone goes through shit. It’s natural. It’s a part of life. Yet somehow these painful and shitty experiences are the most influential and informative in our lives. We run into roadblocks and can’t make any headway. In the moment, it seems like there’s no way out and no way to get over it. Yet fastContinue reading “052_WOUNDS INTO WISDOM”


I’ve been doing art, working creatively and doing design related content for several years now. There’s a time when you’re a kid and colouring outside the lines becomes bad, frowned upon by adults and your friends. So you tighten up and do your best to keep everything inside those thick black lines. Yet still, noContinue reading “051_FORGET PERFECTION”


My desk; my pride and joy, the central hub for many creative endeavours, always used to be the messiest and dirtiest desk in existence. I seriously doubt that there was any desk throughout the course of humanity that was less dirty than mine. It was a land mine, all the way from my very firstContinue reading “050_MY MINIMALIST WORKSPACE”